96 Elephants

Every day, 96 elephants are killed in Africa—that’s 35,000 a year. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) finds that the demand for ivory has caused the slaughter of 65 percent of all forest elephants over the last decade. African forest elephants now face extinction in the next 10 to 20 years.

Zoo New England supports the Society's efforts to protect this vanishing species. WCS is steadily bolstering methods of elephant protection, including ivory-sensitive sniffer dogs, radio-collaring, high-tech field tools, helicopter surveillance, and highly trained ecoguards. New elephant protection program sites provide shelter to 44,000 elephants.

How can we help? First, educate ourselves, our children, our neighbors. Bring the cause to the attention of our Massachusetts legislature, where legislation to ban the sale and trade of ivory in our Commonwealth can be accomplished. Let the popular TV program Antiques Roadshow know that we oppose the subtle commercialization of the elephant’s precious ivory as appraisers announce the monetary value of carved ivory artifacts. 

Today’s pianos have a message to give us. Sixty years ago, premiere piano manufacturers like Steinway and Baldwin abandoned the tradition of capping piano keys with ivory. They found that the new high-quality plastics were superior in many ways to the material from tusks of slaughtered elephants. The music didn’t stop just because the ivory left the keyboards. And a living elephant is music to our ears.

Visit 96elephants.org to learn more and "join the herd" of supporters.

96Elephants Coloringsheet

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