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Gouldian finch

Louise Felton Zookeepers’ Memorial Fund

Louise FeltonLouise was a long-time volunteer at the Franklin Park Zoo, first in Birds World then in the Tropical Forest. She was a get-things-done kind of woman with a heart of gold and a determination to help out. Louise always looked for creative ways to make zookeeper jobs easier and more comfortable. She often found unique solutions to problems the zookeepers didn't even know they had until Louise arrived with some tool to help get the job done. When volunteering at Birds World she built numerous wooden nest boxes to aid in the conservation work to breed endangered birds. She could often be found cleaning the kangaroo barn in the Outback exhibit and carrying on a great conversation with the zookeeper on that routine. When at the Tropical Forest, she kept keepers on their toes and kept meticulous recipes for perfect animal diets. Her willingness to lend a hand inspired many around her. Louise touched many lives during her time at the zoo and will be greatly missed.

In addition to her time at Zoo New England as a volunteer, Louise has spent the past eight years generously contributing in-kind items to help support our animal management staff, allowing us to meet animal care needs beyond our operational budget. We are honored to develop the Louise Felton Zookeepers' Memorial Fund in her memory to continue to provide special enrichment items, treats and tools at the request of our zookeepers. Gifts will be restricted to purchases within our animal management department.

Donate to the fund

To donate by check, please mail to:

Development Office 
Zoo New England 
1 Franklin Park Road 
Boston, MA 02121

For any additional questions or to make a gift of stock or securities, please reach out to Dave Caron, or by calling 617-989-3760.