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Inside our Zoos


Animal Care

It’s a Zoo's job to offer animals creative ways to use their natural energy—that’s where enrichment comes in.


AZA Safe: Saving Animals from Extinction

We're proud to support this bold effort focused on saving species and restoring them to healthy-sized populations in the wild.


One Health Program

We're integrating wildlife conservation, research and education through research initiatives here at our Zoos, as well as in local, regional and international programs.

zookeeper with budgies

Keeper's Corner

We put our passion for wildlife to work at Zoo New England, and outside Zoo gates, we remain dedicated to conservation both locally and globally.

quarters for conservation

Quarters for Conservation

We not only support the conservation and sustainability of wildlife within our Zoo – we put our resources towards goals that matter.

tapir family

Species Survival Plans

Zoo New England participates in Species Survival Plans to maintain healthy and stable captive populations.

organic garden solar panels


We use a variety of methods of sustaining the natural environment right in our Zoos, and our animals benefit from our efforts in some surprising ways!