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student project

Baird's Tapir Conservation

We're developing education programs where schoolchildren become citizen scientists, assessing problems and creating their own solutions to address local tapir conflicts.

BirdsCaribbean: Conserving Migratory Birds

Zoo New England is partnering with BirdsCaribbean to help protect the many rare endemic and migratory birds that spend time on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

Cross-River Gorilla Conservation

Through this partnership, we deepen our commitment not only to Cross-River gorillas, but to the Community Rangers who work to protect them.

Cuban solenodon

Cuban Solenodon Conservation

We're studying one of the few remaining land mammals of the Caribbean, and helping to save it from extinction.


Jari Squire

Giraffe Conservation

We support the Somali Giraffe Project in their work with local communities to help save one of Africa’s most majestic species.

wcn graduate scholar

Graduate Scholarship Program

We've partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network in providing graduate scholarships to conservation leaders of tomorrow from low-income countries.

Great Apes Conservation

The Ape TAG Conservation Initiative is a collective effort by zoos to help conserve wild populations of endangered apes.

hicatee work in Brazil

Hicatee Turtle Conservation

We're supporting the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education with expertise in turtle veterinary medicine and captive husbandry, as well as in establishing turtle programs in the field.

kori bustard

Kori Bustard and Kiwi Conservation

Zoo New England works with other institutions across the U.S. to find new uses for kori bustard and kiwi feathers.


Mexican Gray Wolf Conservation

Since 1998, Zoo New England has been committed to re-introducing Mexican gray wolves into the wilds of the American Southwest, where they once lived in large numbers.


One Health in Madagascar

This 10-year project studies the interconnectedness of biodiversity, animal and human health, and working towards a better future for our shared ecosystem.

panamanian golden frog

Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project

We're working to save frogs from an amphibian crisis caused by the lethal chytrid fungus.

snow leopard

Sabin Snow Leopard Grants Program

Zoo New England manages the Sabin Snow Leopard Grant Program, providing funding to conservationists working to save this iconic big cat.


Short-tailed Chinchilla Conservation

We've joined the AZA SAFE Chinchilla Program to help protect and recover some of the last remaining colonies of the Critically Endangered short-tailed chinchilla in Chile.

Snow Leopard Conservation

We partner with the Snow Leopard Trust, collaborating with herder communities in South Gobi, Mongolia to protect snow leopards and their habitat.

Thinking about getting an exotic bird? Think twice.

U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance

We're a proud partner of the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, working together to protect wildlife from illegal trade.