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kori bustard

Kori Bustard

Kori Bustard and Kiwi Conservation

Kori Bustard Feather Collection

The harvesting of kori bustard feathers for use by fishermen in fly making is one of several human activities causing an accelerated decline in the wild population of this majestic bird. Providing molted kori bustard feathers to consumers for free undermines the economic incentive for people killing the birds—recently categorized as a threatened species—for their feathers.

As a participant in the Kori Bustard Species Survival Plan (SSP) and host to a pair of kori bustards at Franklin Park Zoo, Zoo New England participates in the Kori Bustard Molted Feather Project, a program in which the birds’ molted (shed) feathers are distributed at no cost to fly fishermen for use in making their lures. Not all conservation efforts require monetary support!

Kiwi Feather Collection

We also work with other Zoos across the country in a kiwi feather collection project. Brown kiwi feathers are collected and later shipped to New Zealand to be used in traditional Maori weaving. Kiwis, the country’s national bird, are an endangered species due to habitat loss and predation. The feather collection project helps strengthen Zoos’ roles in New Zealand’s conservation and cultural recovery efforts.