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ZooTeen (Paid)

Since its inception in 1999, our ZooTeen program has engaged Boston youth with work experiences that allow them to develop professionally, build a strong sense of self, and strengthen their knowledge and preparedness for future endeavors.

The ZooTeen Program is a summer opportunity for youth, ages 15 to 18, that combines a meaningful work experience at Franklin Park Zoo with professional development, life-skill training and community building. Many ZooTeens have gone on to become Teen Ambassadors, interns and zookeepers at Zoo New England.

Positions will become available in the spring. Please check back then!

Ages: 15-18 years old
Program Duration: Summer - July to August
Program Commitment: 25 hours per week

Program Overview

ZooTeens can be assigned to various departments, including ZooCamp, Education, Animal Care, or Guest Services. Here’s an overview of each assignment:

  • Animal Care: ZooTeens assigned to animal care work in one of four departments: Bird's World, Children's Zoo, Commissary and Little Critters. Here, they are exposed to modern animal husbandry techniques, including diet preparation, servicing animal enclosures, record-keeping, basic animal enrichment, and insight into animal training.
  • Education: ZooTeens in Education act as interpreters or “explainers” and goodwill guides to zoo guests. They learn to facilitate activities throughout zoo grounds, lead animal encounters for guests, and develop new activities that they design.
  • ZooCamp: Junior Camp Counselors in ZooCamp act as support staff for Camp Counselors. They prepare activity materials, help facilitate activities, and support behavioral management for campers ages 6 – 13.
  • Guest Services: ZooTeens in Guest Services work in the Membership Department, where they practice customer service skills and assist with day-to-day work in admissions, which includes work at the membership table and assisting Zoo New England members with inquiries, assisting guests at the entrance to seasonal summer exhibits, and more.