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Sponsor a Bench

Sponsor a Bench

Become a Part of the Zoos You Love

bench photo with foliage background

Recognize a special person or business in a way that supports Zoo New England’s mission. Sponsoring a bench at Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo gives you a unique opportunity to present a thoughtful gift, memorialize or honor a family member or friend, or share your business with potential clients. Commemorative benches add character to the Zoo campus, enhance the visitor experience, and provide necessary financial support for the animals who call Zoo New England home.

With over 50 benches to choose from throughout Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo, you can choose a bench in an area of the Zoo that’s meaningful to you. Benches can be personalized with a message of your choosing*, and will be prominently mounted on an etched bronze plaque on the front of the bench. Benches are available for various sponsorship periods.

If you are interested in sponsoring a bench, please contact us at

*Bench inscriptions subject to Zoo New England approval.