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Saturday, July 13: Franklin Park Zoo will close at 3:00 p.m. (last daytime admission ticket sold at 2:00 p.m.) in preparation for our Brew at the Zoo event. Please plan your visit accordingly!

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Here in New England

conservation society

Join the Conservation Society

Get a front-row seat to conservation beyond the Zoo, as well as the chance to jump in and lend a hand.

kids with field conservationist

HATCH Turtle Program

Students in our program participate in a real-world rare species conservation program by raising hatchling turtles to greatly increase their chances of survival in the wild.

blanding's turtle

Blanding’s Turtle Conservation

We're monitoring and helping to protect four different Blanding’s turtle populations around the state.

eastern box turtle

Eastern Box Turtle Conservation

We study and monitor eastern box turtle movements, home ranges, growth and survival, and when possible, protect their nests. We’re currently monitoring headstarted turtles recently released back into their natural habitat.

Wood Turtle Conservation

Once the most common freshwater turtle in eastern Mass, the wood turtle is now state threatened. We've been monitoring these turtles since 2012, and we're working alongside MassWildlife to re-access populations.

spotted turtle

Spotted Turtle Conservation

We’re working to conserve the last remaining population of the locally rare spotted turtle in Boston. Biologists radiotrack turtles to document population demographics, understand habitat needs and headstart hatchlings.

Diamondback terrapin

Diamondback Terrapin Conservation

In partnership with MassWildlife and others, Zoo New England is embarking on an effort to monitor and protect the threatened diamondback terrapin, a saltwater turtle, in Buzzards Bay, MA.

eastern hognose snake

Eastern Hognose Snake Conservation

We monitor and protect some of the northern-most populations of the threatened eastern hognose snake in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

marbled salamander

Marbled Salamander Conservation

We've begun the first marbled salamander reintroduction project in Massachusetts, bringing these amphibians back to Metro-Boston.

eastern spade foot toads

Eastern Spadefoot Toad Conservation

Since 2009, we've worked with Mass Audubon to restore these toads to their former range by designing and building vernal pools and headstarting toads for reintroduction to the wild.

motus wildlife tracking system

Songbird Conservation

We've collaborated with the Massachusetts Audubon Society to track and ultimately save wildlife using the Motus Wildlife Tracking System.

bridle shiner

Native Fish Conservation

There are tiny fish with big problems, and ZNE is working to protect several populations here in Massachusetts.

New England blazing star

Wildflower and Native Pollinator Conservation

Native pollinator species are on the decline due to habitat loss. We're helping to bring back rare wildflowers on conservation land around Middlesex county.

blanding's turtle

Urban Boston Conservation Projects

Learn more about our urban conservation projects.



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