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Recycling & Comingling

Bottle & Can Drive

If you're interested in not only helping the environment but contributing to a worthy cause, bring your empty bottles and cans to Stone Zoo during the Bottle and Can Drive. Check our Engage section, where we will post the drive schedule if/when it's happening. Proceeds from the annual fundraiser benefit conservation efforts supported by Zoo New England. 


  • Guests at both Franklin Park and Stone Zoos are encouraged to recycle their used cans and bottles in receptacles throughout the Zoos.
  • The Zoo comingles trash, mixing paper, glass, plastic, and metal onsite.

Recycle your old cell phone in Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Forest (near the gorilla exhibit) or at Stone Zoo near the giftshop.

By recycling your phones, you help protect animals like western lowland gorillas that live in areas where cell phone materials are mined. We participate with zoos and aquariums across the globe in the “Gorillas on the Line” mobile phone recycling challenge to help save gorillas in the wild.

And for the Animals...

The animals benefit from recycling, too! We repurpose items like egg cartons, paper towel rolls and phone books for animal enrichment. We use reusable containers for animals’ diets, and we even use shredded paper bags for animal bedding.