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Welcome to the Kids' Corner

Arts & Crafts

Ephemeral Art

  • rock building

    Step 1

    With a grown-up, go to your backyard or a local park and collect objects found in nature, like stones, twigs, fallen leaves, or mud.

  • stone wheel

    Step 2

    Arrange all of the materials you collected into shapes, structures, or even by color.

  • rock pile

    Step 3

    Leave your art for the next person to enjoy! 

  • shark art

    Step 4

    Don't forget to take photos of your unique creations. Share them with your friends on social media!

You don't need paint, markers, crayons, or paper to make ephemeral art. You can use any materials right outside your front door!

Ephemeral art is temporary and special. It will only occur once in that space and time.

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