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Saturday, June 22: Stone Zoo will close at 3pm (last tickets sold at 2pm) in preparation for our event, A Wild Affair. Please plan your visit accordingly!

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Welcome to the Kids' Corner

Conservation & You

Become a NestWatcher

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Ornithologists (bird scientists) need you! As a NestWatcher, your observations will be added to those of thousands of other NestWatchers in a growing database used by researchers to understand and study birds.

nestwatcher graphicCornell University is looking for NestWatchers to help collect data about nesting birds. Here's what you'll need to become a citizen scientist!

Birding Basics: 

  • Get certified.
  • Find nests to watch (binoculars are helpful).
  • Visit your nests every 3 or 4 days and record what you see.
  • Report your data using online data entry tools.
  • Share your pictures with other NestWatchers.
Become a NestWatcher

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