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Saturday, June 22: Stone Zoo will close at 3pm (last tickets sold at 2pm) in preparation for our event, A Wild Affair. Please plan your visit accordingly!

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Conservation & You

Don't Bug the Bugs!

  • bee

    Plant a Pollinator's Paradise

    Create a buzz by planting wildflowers that pollinators will love! Plant native wildflowers in flowerbeds, veggie gardens, or even simple pots. Pollen-lovers will love the bright colors and sweet scents!

  • organic fertilizer and compost

    Pitch the Pesticides

    Pesticides don't just kill pests; they attack the good guys, too. Pitch the pesticides or insecticides, and instead grow "companion plants" in your garden that pests will eat instead of your veggies. For example, surrounding your tomatoes with basil plants invites pests to munch on basil leaves, not your tasty tomatoes!

  • leaves

    Leave the Leaves

    During the chilly winter, leaves act as food and shelter for critters like butterflies, beetles, bees, and moths. This fall, hang up that rake and let the leaves lie!
    *Expert tip: Jumping in leaf piles is an excellent leaf-scattering technique.

  • farmstand

    Get Farm Fresh

    Buy your fruits and veggies from local, organic farms. These farms don't use fertilizers or pesticides that can harm bugs and insects. Better yet, grow your own pesticide-free veggies in a garden or pot!

They may be mini, but bugs play mighty roles in our ecosystem. It's amazing how much we rely upon these little guys without even knowing it. Bugs are far from pests—they're our protectors! Learn more about their zooperpowers and what you can do to support their important work!

Bug Zooperpowers

Here are just a few of the important roles bugs play in our ecosystem:

  • Pollinators: Insects like bees and butterflies are pollinators, and they help plants make seeds and reproduce. About one of every three bites we eat is because of pollinators, so let's bee thankful for their good work!
  • Predators: Spiders, ladybugs and dragonflies are predatory insects, going to "bug battle" with pesky pests like mosquitos or veggie-munching grubs. 
  • Decomposers: If it weren't for these little guys, we'd be in a big mess! Decomposers like worms, slugs and ants help break down dead plants and animals, eating the "yucky" stuff that others won't. 



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