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City Nature Challenge

Boston Area City Nature Challenge

The City Nature Challenge is a fun worldwide collaborative bioblitz with cities across the world to document and identify the most species from April 28 - May 7! We'll be documenting urban biodiversity within the I-495 corridor, out to Stellwagen Bank, including Cape Cod and islands. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it contributes to scientific data helping to better understand our world and our non-human neighbors!

Information on CNC 2023 coming soon!



Join the Boston Area City Nature Challenge!

Step 1. Download the iNaturalist app and create an account.

• Download the app (easiest): Android App (Google Play) iOS App (iTunes), or use iNaturalist online.
iNaturalist "Getting Started" Guide.

Step 2: Record your observation with a photograph and upload the photo to the app.

Step 3: Confirmation

The iNaturalist community discusses and confirms the identity of the observation and lets you know.

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About Us


The Boston Area City Nature Challenge is a collaborative project. Learn more about our effort here or email us at

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 CanaturalsciencescncThe City Nature Challenge is being organized on a global scale by the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.