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Welcome to the Kids' Corner

All About Animals

Zoo to You

Join our educators and animal care team for a live look at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo. We introduce cute animals, discuss behaviors and training techniques and share conservation concerns about species from around the world. Learn something new about your favorite animal or discover a species that’s new to you.

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Celebrate World Gorilla Day with us!

We're getting ready for red panda day!

Exercise time for Lando the tortoise!

Meet our Poitou donkeys!

Learn how our Bactrian camels keep cool!

Meet pint-sized pygmy falcon Gerty!

Meet our emus, Pink and Yellow!

We’re here for National Zoo Keeper Week with Keeper Celina! Get the inside scoop on being a Keeper and the lingo that comes with it!

Clyde is ready for the holiday weekend! We’re here with our chinchilla animal ambassador for an enrichment session in today’s #ZooToYou.

We’re here for some tall tales in today’s #ZooToYou! Join us to hear all about Masai giraffes Amari and Chad in honor of World Giraffe Day!

Major cuteness spike ahead! We’re here with our prehensile-tailed porcupette!

Good morning, early birds! Meet the budgies in Franklin Park Zoo's Aussie Aviary!

Join our care team for a peacock training session!

We’re here with Maizie, the Cuban rock iguana, in today’s #ZooToYou!

We're kicking off Endangered Species Day by releasing locally rare, headstarted marbled salamanders back into the wild!

Meet animal ambassador Owlfredo!

Enjoy this "Warthog Wednesday" training session!

Happy sixth birthday, Aziza!

We're celebrating our wolf pack's third birthday here at Stone Zoo!

We're in the Tropical Forest with the saddle-billed storks today!

Breakfast with the bears!

Happy World Tapir Day!

We're celebrating Earth Day with our Conservation Field Team!

Our de Brazza's family is getting down to monkey business in the Tropical Forest!

It’s a beautiful APEril day, and we’re here with our white-cheeked gibbons for Ape Awareness month!

Meet our gorillas, and find out how you can help save gorilla habitat, one cell phone at at time!

Meet Belle the ambassador bunny!

It's ferret playtime today!

Celebrating Kori Bustard Day!

Happy World Water Day!

Happy World Frog Day!

Get a bird's eye view of Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Forest!

Meet Kupa the leopard tortoise!

Happy Birthday to African lions Dinari and Kamaia!

We’re celebrating World Wildlife Day with our wood turtle headstarts!

Learn about animal ambassador Molasses the two-toed sloth from his caretakers!

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