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Supersized Creatures are taking over Stone Zoo!

Stone Zoo is excited for guests to be wowed by its newest experience: Supersized Creatures! As you stroll the zoo grounds, prepare to spot over 30 life-size animal sculptures made from millions of colorful bricks. This special exhibition debuts on May 7 and runs through October 10. Supersized Creatures! is included in regular Stone Zoo admission.

Each animal sculpture, built and presented by BRICKLIVE, relies on thousands of bricks to keep it strong, with each brick playing an important role in the overall structure. Our ecosystem is the same way – every species, large and small, plays a crucial role in a balanced ecosystem. As species are removed, the system weakens. We invite you to become a biodiversity builder, and join Zoo New England’s mission to keep our ecosystem healthy and strong.

With Supersized Creatures!, guests can zoom in on surprising ways brick model animals and their Stone Zoo animal neighbors survive and support their home. This larger-than-life experience will reveal amazing adaptations and the critical role animals play in keeping our planet healthy. Did you know that wasps are pollinators? At our pollinator garden, discover how wasps are one of several pollinators that play a critical role in keeping plants healthy. Splash on over toward the North American river otter habitat to discover how a small newt makes a big impact. Both otters and newts are important environmental indicators signaling to humans when the habitat needs our help. At the peregrine falcon habitat, learn more about this bird as well as compare the largest and the smallest falcon species in North America. Mighty predators come in all sizes; compare Stone Zoo's peregrine falcon, one of the largest falcon species in most of North America, to the smallest - the American kestrel. These birds are important predators in our own backyards, which humans have helped bring back from the brink of extinction.

As guests walk throughout the zoo, they can also look for signage to learn more about the animals as well as the amazing sculptures. For example, the iconic praying mantis sculpture is composed of more than 38,000 bricks and weighs 370 pounds. The striking red spitting cobra takes more than 92,000 bricks to come to life and weighs a whopping 932 pounds. Prepared to be wowed by these figures and more – both literally and figuratively! 

Looking to host an event? Private event rental opportunities are available. For a totally wild event, book a Supersized Creatures! Birthday Package; parties can be booked daily in the morning or afternoon and include an animal encounter, party tent and admission for up to 32 guests. For more information on birthday party packages, please call 617-989- 0113. For more information on private events, please call 617-989-2009.

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