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Lion successfully treated for severe pneumonia

Zoo New England is happy to share that Kamaia, an African lion at Franklin Park Zoo, has been successfully treated for severe pneumonia.

Kamaia joined his brother Dinari outside on Thursday, and the staff at Franklin Park Zoo are thrilled to see the lion brothers together again in their outdoor habitat. The brothers are enjoying the warm weather and have been basking in the sunshine overlooking Kalahari Kingdom.

It appears that Kamaia may still have some underlying chronic health issues, though comprehensive diagnostic tests from two recent exams have thus far been inconclusive. His dedicated care team and veterinary staff will continue to monitor his health very closely.

“We are encouraged that Kamaia’s condition has improved and he is acting normally,” said Dr. Chris Bonar, Director of Animal Health for Zoo New England. “For now, his condition remains guarded though we are cautiously optimistic with the remarkable progress we’ve seen thus far.”

During his illness, Kamaia experienced loss of appetite, which resulted in noticeable weight loss. He is currently eating again and continues to steadily improve.

Kamaia and his brother Dinari, both 14-years-old, have resided at Franklin Park Zoo since 2015.