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MassArt partnership benefits art and conservation

We've been thrilled to work with the Illustration Department at the Massachusetts College of Art for several years in a mutually beneficial partnership that has given students real-life experience, and produced art for events, exhibits and gardens at Franklin Park and Stone Zoos.

The art class helps students develop a strong personal voice, and understand professional ethics and practices while developing expertise to advance their craft and create the foundation of a professional portfolio. Zoo New England staff work with the students to provide context, direction and to critique the students' work.

This year, students worked with Zoo staff to create illustrations that graphically represented a range of conservation programs and projects the Zoos are engaged in. Illustrations are being mounted on light-boxes that are illuminated from within. These light-boxes will be used in the Stone Zoo ZooLights event, and some may be used in other events.

We want to thank the Mass College of Art, Professor Irena Roman, and all the students for their hard-work and the outstanding artwork they created.

We are pleased to present this year’s illustrations below (click to enlarge):