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De Brazza's Monkey Family

  • De Brazza's monkey

    About dad, Kipawa

    Kipawa is Bomani, Johari and Scout's dad. He's quiet, shy and smart. Kipawa has been trained (using his favorite treats) to step on a scale to be weighed, hold out his arm for an examination, and even open his mouth for a tooth check!

  • De Brazza's monkey

    About mom, Kiazi

    Kiazi is Bomani, Johari and Scout's mom. Being a mom comes naturally to Kiazi. She's very attentive and protective of her babies, especially when they're newborns. Kiazi watches their every move, and she's always ready to catch them as they practice climbing branches.

  • De Brazza's monkey

    About Big Bro, Bomani

    Bomani is Kiazi and Kipawa's son, and big brother to Johari and Scout. He's very outgoing and brave, and he loves wrestling with his little sisters. Bomani is always the first to try out new enrichment (toys or puzzles in his exhibit), and raisins are his favorite treat!

  • De Brazza's monkey

    About sis, Johari

    Johari is Scout's big sister, and she does a great job in that role. She spends time playing and holding Scout, and you'll often see them cuddling or napping together on a branch or their favorite benches. Johari is super curious and loves looking at herself in play mirrors or investigating objects, especially rubber bouncing toys.

  • De Brazza's monkey

    About Baby Scout

    Scout is Bomani and Johari's little sister. As a newborn, Scout was a little shy and stuck by her mom. But she's quickly learned the ropes by watching her older siblings and has developed an outgoing personality. She'll even enter her training area all by herself for her favorite reward, juice!

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