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Catch 'em all at the PokéZoos!

PokemonThere are many incredible animals at our Zoos, but lately, we've been spotting some rather unusual species on our grounds - Pokémon species, that is.

Now through July 31,  Pokémon trainers are invited to hone their skills at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo! Guests who show the Pokémon GO app on their phone when purchasing tickets at the gate will receive $2 off each ticket. You'll want to make sure you're here between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., when lures will be set at various Pokéstops throughout the Zoo  - there are more than 20 in total at Franklin Park Zoo, over 10 at Stone Zoo, and each site has two gyms!

Safety Tips

While we're looking forward to a fun week, we also remind everyone that safety is a top priority.

  • While you're catching these wild virtual creatures on your phone, please be aware of your surroundings and remember the wild animals in your presence.
  • Be sure to remain on marked pathways, respect barriers (do not attempt to enter exhibits or restricted behind-the-scenes areas) and stay alert as you roam the grounds.
  • Remember, not everyone at the Zoo will be partaking in the Pokémon frenzy, so please be respectful and courteous to your fellow guests and Zoo staff.

Visit with a full battery, be ready to build up your Pokédex, hatch some eggs with a couple of laps around the Zoo, and above all, don't forget to look up and learn a thing or two about the amazing species that call our Zoos home. Game on!